• AFD Home 10026589 Large Ribbed Foliate Frame Gold - 12 x 16AG

AFD Home 10026589 Large Ribbed Foliate Frame Gold - 12 x 16AG

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Brand AFD Home

Interior size is 12 x16 with an overall exterior dimension of 23 x 27 with a profile width of 5.5 and a profile height of 3.5 . Our Large Ribbed Foliate frame is a classic in the framing industry with its fine classic details and delineated contoured shape. It is precision made in solid wood with refined ornamentation and an added wood liner. Featuring a hand finish of antique gold leaf with a hand rub to bring out the details. A Timeless frame offering that accomplishes perfection in drawing attention to the framed item its used on. A FRAMERS CHOICE SELECTION !!!

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  • Large Ribbed Foliate Frame
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 12 x 16AG
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